Golden Jubilee Reunion for Batch of 1966

Mountain View

Summary of The Golden Jubilee Events for batch of 1966

Mountain View Held On Oct 14 to Oct 22, 2016.

Bangalore organizing team:

  1. Dr Radha S Murthy.
  2. Dr Mythili Bhaskaran.
  3. Dr Norman Guido.
  4. Dr Bala, Dr Prakash Appaya.

Organizers from other places:

  1. Dr Elizabeth Lobo/ Fernandes.
  2. Dr Roy Chavrimootoo.
  3. Dr Terence Culas.

Organizer for Kerala

  1. Dr Mathew

Mountain View Attendees:

  1. 27 batchmates and 13 spouses, Total 40.
  2. 3 nuns.
  3. In Kerala total 20.

Mountain View Venues:

  1. St John’s Medical College,Bangalore.
  2. Golden Palms Resort Bangalore.
  3. Backwater Ripples, Kerala.

Mountain View Program Highlights:

  1. Oct 14 Informal gathering at Banyan tree.
  2. Oct 15 Mass at St John’s. Followed by Breakfast and tour of College and Hostel. Tour of the Research Society Museum.
  3. Oct 15 to 17 Golden Palms Resort.
  4. Oct 19 to 22 Kerala.

In Memorium: for 3 of our batchmates that passed way. We had a moment of silence and a prayer. Sr Lina, Manual Fernandes and Jeevaraj Alva.

Mountain ViewMini Album of the Reunion Day

For Picture Gallery of the Golden Jubilee Reunion Batch of 1966.
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A Golden Jubilee Poem

Once fifty strong and fifty long years ago
As strangers we met in the city of Bang’lore
Young Women, Young Men and Nuns - a lively mix
Our St John’s Med School batch of ‘66
Bright, lean and keen, curious, challenging
Bound by a quest .... to learn the Art of Healing.

At St Joseph’s College we made our start
The Arts met The Sciences as equals, but together, summed more than their parts
Experiments in Chemistry, then performing Julius Caesar
Nerve-muscle preps in Biology, next catching football fever
Learned to work as a team in all our endeavors
Intercollegiate competitions, met with our collective fervor.

St Mary’s Orphanage, our next port of call
A grey granite place, had our backs to the wall
Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry
Burnt the midnight oil, burning facts to memory
A stressful time, but we learnt how to sing
Challenged others at ball games, found basketball was our thing.

St Martha's next, a more leisurely pace
Found Disease and Pathology, had a human face
We honed clinical skills and with judicious lab tests
From symptoms and signs, a diagnosis to wrest
Played Bridge to the small hours, making strategic passes
Then chasing the bus to get to our classes

Then along came the day, we sat our last finals
Bid farewell to student hood and joined the ranks of professionals
We said our staggered goodbyes and promised to write
Six years in the sun, then slipped like ships into night.
Some stayed, some left to faraway shores
Life happens they say, no one knows what's in store.

And here we are 50 years on
Heeding the call to come to B’lore
Still young at heart, alas, not fifty strong
To rekindle old friendships, and join in the song.
Share memories, of old, new and unseen
In our Golden Jubilee year of 2016
- Dr Julian Adie