Teleconsultation Services


St. John’s Medical College Hospital Bengaluru, announces teleconsultation services for all the patients. This service is powered by "Health at Home", which can be accessed via mobile applications (IOS and Android). Access will be provided based on a pre-registration which is available by clicking the below link.

If you are an existing patient of St. John’s Medical College Hospital, please enter your hospital number (MRD number) in the pre-registration form. This will help us to retrieve your MRD folder for the doctor to refer before your teleconsultation.

Please read the Terms and conditions carefully before you sign in. Booking an appointment, will imply that you have accepted all the specified Terms and conditions.

NOTE: The teleconsultation cannot be a replacement for in-person consultation and physical examination. Your doctor’s advice is based only on the accuracy of details provided by you, since the mandatory physical examination is not possible through online mode.

COVID-19 Home Monitoring Telecare Packages:

St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru, has launched COVID-19 Tele-Home Monitoring packages for persons with COVID-19, who need to isolate at home. Individuals who want to avail this service can call the SJMCH Helpline Numbers 080-2206 5003 / 5004 / 5008 / 5250.

Home Monitoring packages are available for 10 days and 14 days duration. Click here for details...
Click here for the link...


Get advice on Medication, Therapeutic Exercises, Lifestyle Modification and Dietary Modification - ALL AT 1 PLACE!

Patients recovering from COVID may have persisting symptoms such as;





This service is offered by department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - PMR

online consultations - between 09:00am and 04:00pm - Monday to Friday (Helpline Numbers 080-2206 5003 / 5004 / 5008 / 5250)

You can also visit the PMR OPD at Room No.10

between 09:00am and 01:00pm - Monday to Saturday


In case of emergency, please visit a nearby healthcare facility or our Emergency 24/7.

Please call 080-22065003/ 22065004/ 22065008/ 22065250 for Assistance in booking the appointments.

Appication Link (Only for Registered Users)...

User Manuals for Patients:

New User Application Download and Pre-Registration
Application Download and Log in
Booking of Appointment
Start Teleconsultation
Prescription Download
Application Download and Log in

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