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From common man to health workers who beat COVID-19 second wave with much ease.

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From common man to health workers who beat COVID-19 second wave with much ease.

Dr Charles Moses D'Souza, Professor and Head of ICU unit, St John's Hospital Medical College and Hospital, contracted the infection not once but twice and still managed to beat the infection.

Being in the ICU unit he is not only exposed to danger but can also be a carrier and a little delay in diagnosis, he may end up spreading to critically ill patients at the ICU unit.

After he was sure of infection, he isolated himself and then got admitted. To prevent further complications, Remdesivir injection dose was given along with some antibodies. During treatment, he stayed calm and his topmost priority was to stay away from media reports and stay positive. The doctors took a protein-rich diet and within a few days he recovered.

Similarly, another top plastic surgeon from the city contacted Covid despite taking measures, however, given the situation and symptoms of irritation in the throat, he immediately went for diagnosis and once confirmed he isolated himself and took medication. Once his oxygen level dropped below 90, he got admitted and was put on Oxygen for a day and then antibiotics. The doctor also took physiotherapy during and post-Covid and says this helped him.

Echoing the sentiments of doctors of staying strong and keeping oneself away from media and WhatsApp news, helps his patients remain positive in approach. Zabiulla, a manager with a top MNC firm experienced severe body pain and in the second week of April, he immediately got himself tested and then went into home isolation. While the BBMP monitored his health on a daily basis besides giving him medicines, Zabiulla continued a heavy protein diet.

Eggs, meat, and pulses in the diet and plenty of fluids helped him stay fit and never felt uneasy and good sleep of 8 to 10 hours and daytime sleep for an hour or two also helped him recover he says.

Interestingly in all three cases, the patients spoke about staying calm and not giving importance to news from the media as it may result in stress

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