Patient Portal

St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore provides the following services, on its Online Patient Portal;

1. View Out-Patient (OP) visit details
2. View and download specific laboratory reports
3. Book appointments
4. Register for first time patient visit

Access to this service will be available to all registered patients with due verification of credentials.  All existing patient of St. John’s Medical College Hospital, can register online with mobile number registered at the hospital and hospital (MRD) number in the space provided. You will receive an OTP for verification which needs to be keyed into the space provided. Once this verification process is completed you will be provided access to view your visit details as well as relevant Out-patient Laboratory Reports.

Please read the Terms and conditions carefully. By accessing the link, it is implied that you have accepted to all the patient Terms and conditions. 

*   Only specific out-patient laboratory reports, as per defined privacy policy, will be available on the patient portal.  Radiology, Cardiology, Endoscopy, Histopathology and other Restricted laboratory reports will be available as specified by the respective section of the hospital and will not be available online.
*   Your mobile number needs to be updated in the hospital records to be able to access your medical records online.


Instructions to Patients

New Registration (First time use) :

  • Step 1 : Open Patient Portal (Click here to open)

  • Step 2 : Enter Your Mobile number.

  • Step 3 : Click on GENERATE OTP.(The One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your entered mobile no.)

  • Step 4 : You can now signup entering your details and book appointments.

  • Your registration is complete.

Already Registered in Patien Portal :

  • Step 1 : Open Patient Portal (Click here to open)

  • Step 2 : Enter your registered mobile number and patient no. (MRD No.)

  • Step 3 : Click on GENERATE OTP

  • (The One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile no.)

  • Step 4 : Enter the OTP number and click Verify OTP.

  • Step 5 : You can now Access your records.

Patient Portal


This Patient Portal Feedback Form is provided for feedback pertaining to services offered under this section only.  For all other feeaback and support, please visit the section on our website

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