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Mental Illness- The Invisible Disability
Mental illnesses can be chronic and disabling if not treated appropriately at the right time. A large majority of people in India live with some kind of mental illness in their lifetime. The symptoms are often not taken seriously, especially because they are not visible to the naked eye; and when they are, the stigma and isolation that the families face because of them is real. We at the Department of Psychiatry with our multidisciplinary team, try approaching mental illness in a holistic way, to address all aspects of a Person Living with Mental Illness- so that their recovery is faster, effective, and sustainable.

So, why are we looking for help?
Unlike other ailments, mental illnesses take a longer time to recover from. Many a times, families from Low Socio-Economic Strata (LSES) are unable to afford this much needed longer duration of stay, expensive medicines and tests, or complementary rehabilitative and recovery-oriented services. They are often torn between their family member’s recovery and their ability to afford the treatment. We would like help in this aspect, more so since COVID-19 has turned lives upside down financially for many underprivileged families.

The help we receive, no matter how small or big, will be used entirely to assist deserving families afford various aspects of the treatment- acute medical care, supply of medication, rehabilitative services etc. Families that need support will be chosen after a thorough psychosocial assessment guided by the multidisciplinary team members. The funds raised will be collected in the Psychiatric Social Work Fund/ PSW Fund and used as and when required.

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Your contributions can be transferred through:
Cheques (PSW Fund to be written on the reverse side)
Bank transfers with reference to PSW Fund (details given below)
Direct cash (contact via email for further details)
Bank transfer details:
Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda, John Nagar branch, Bangalore 560034
Bank account no: 05210100000484
Type of account: Savings bank account
IFSC code: BARB0STJOHN (Note: fifth letter from left is zero)

All those requiring 80(G) tax exemption will be given a donation certificate, provided required details are shared through e-mail or SMS or a message left at the department office.

Department of Psychiatry
St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru- 560034
Ph: 080- 2206 5460 | 080- 2206 5970
PSW Mobile: 9513653232

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