Overview - Clinical Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry has existed since the inception of the medical college in 1963. There are currently 11 teaching and 8 non-teaching staff in the department. Dr Kalyankar was the first Head of the Department. Since then, Dr Virupaksha, Dr T Venkatesh, Dr Sheila Uthappa, Dr Sultana Furruqh, Dr Anita R Bijoor and Dr Anitha Devanath have headed the department. Dr Anita R Bijoor is the current Head of the Department.

The department initially started with the MBBS course in 1963 and since then has added additional courses and now conducts teaching programs for 150 MBBS, 60 BSc MLT, 30 BPT, 10 MSc MLT, 140 nursing and 12 MD students.

We also try to innovate teaching methods by adopting e-learning effectively. The department actively encourages research activities and has ongoing funded research projects. The department also runs a 24hr diagnostic clinical laboratory in the hospital. We have state of the art equipment and automation in order to ease and expedite the processing of samples. We receive about 1500 samples in a day which are processed round the clock with a very good turn-around time.

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