Services - Psychiatry

1. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service :
This service provides care for children from new born to 18 years of age. All services pertaining to mental wellbeing of children and aspects of parenting are available. Also services for all mental illnesses including neuro-developmental disorders occurring in this age group is available. All psychological assessments are done in this clinic. Child psychiatrist, Child Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatric Social Workers are on the team. This clinic is open in the morning on all working days.

2. Day Care Service:
This service focuses on rehabilitation of people with mental illnesses. The day care is open on all working days 9 am to 4 pm.

3. Autism Clinic :
This clinic is open on Thursdays and is placed at the Unit of Hope. Comprehensive care for people with autism spectrum disorder of all age group is provided.

4. Community Psychiatry Service :
This service – “Manasi Clinic” is placed in Mugulur rural health centre of SJMC. This clinic provides comprehensive psychiatric facilities for the rural population of Mugulur.

5. Eating Disorder Clinic :
This clinic is open on first Saturday of the month in the Psychiatry OPD.

6. Brief intervention in Gastroenterology:
This is intended for people with alcohol dependence admitted in gastroenterology department and focuses on managing alcohol dependence.

7. Assertive Management of Attempted Suicide :
Any person admitted in St. John’s Medical College Hospital with attempt to end their life or harm themselves are provided psychiatric evaluation and assistance with follow-up for one year.

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