Online Course On Fundamentals Of R - Programming

Course details
Duration: Weekly 2 classes on Monday and Friday, 2 hours each for 6 weeks from 14 March - 25 April 2022. Time: 6pm - 8pm IST
This course aims to aid individuals in the field of health science, health policy and health administration who are keen on developing their knowledge in quantitative research methods and building computation skills under an open-source platform. This course will teach you the fundamentals of R, a widely known open-source language. This course is the first step on your R programming language learning path. With the skills you'll learn in this course, you'll be ready to conduct your first data analysis.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Understand the fundamentals of programming languages
Explain the basic ideas of programming in R, such as functions, variables, data types, pipelines, and vectors.
Create summary tables using R
Create basic bar charts, histograms, pie charts, scatter plots, line plots, box plots, and maps using R

Course Schedule

No Topic Duration
W1 Session-I Introduction, Installation, and orientation 2 Hour
W1 Session-II Basic operations and data structures in R 2 Hour
W2 Session-I Data import, export, and manipulation 2 Hour
W2 Session-II Control Structures and Repeat Operations 2 Hour
W3 Session-I Functions in R 2 Hour
W3 Session-II Learning Debugging through developing and using user-defined functions in R 2 Hour
W4 Session-I Data Visualization using Base R 2 Hour
W4 Session-II Data Visualization using ggplot2 2 Hour
W5 Session-I Exploratory data analysis in R 2 Hour
W5 Session-II Statistical inference using R 2 Hour
W6 Session-I Multivariate data analysis using R 2 Hour
W6 Session-II A case study using R 2 Hour

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in improving their understanding of data analysis methods who has a background in the health sciences, health policy, health administration, pharmaceutical industry, data science enthusiasts, or aspiring programmers. This workshop should be of interest to postgraduate/graduate students in the health sciences, public health, and statistics.

Organization and delivery
The course will be hosted and delivered online by St John’s Medical College through Microsoft Teams. After successful registration, all participants will be shared with the link to online classes and login details. The course can then be accessed at any time from a desktop, laptop.

Course fee
Rs 11,800(Including 18% GST)

1. Pay course fee through NEFT
2. Complete registration by filling the google form FUNDAMENTALSOFR-PROGRAMMING (
3. or visit /

Bank name: Bank of Baroda
Beneficiary's Bank A/c#: 05210200000212
Branch: John Nagar IFSC Code: BARB0STJOHN (5th digit zero)

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For further enquiry and registration, contact
Dr. Tinku Thomas
(HOD & Professor)
Dept of Biostatistics
St John’s Medical College, Bangalore

Dr. Santu Ghosh
(Asst Professor)
Dept of Biostatistics
St John’s Medical College, Bangalore

Office: o8o-4946-7036/6123
Mobile: +91 9538147676

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