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18th - 20th Jan, 2019

"Collective Academic Excellence"

Greetings from Namma Bengaluru!

Dear Friends, In the realm of Emergency Medicine (EM), Karnataka has always been a beacon of light and leadership in our country.

EM is on the rise in the state with the maximum number of specialists graduating each year. Their thirst to learn has driven the quality of academics in the teaching  institutions and hospitals. This has been the foundation of effective emergency care for our patients.  

Karnataka’s enthusiastic young EM specialists came together and envisioned an annual meeting for EM in Karnataka. The dream is to merge our individual talents into a singular objective to improve EM care and education in our state. Hence, it is our  privilege to invite all of you to the first state level Emergency Medicine Conference in Karnataka from the 18th to 20th of January 2019.  

Evidence based medicine is dynamic and a pillar of EM practice today. Approaching every patient visiting the Emergency room with these principles translates into better outcomes. We realized that with the overwhelming amount of information available we can only improve when we learn from each other. Keeping this in mind the theme of the conference is “Collective Academic Excellence”.

The conference will have multiple workshops, scientific sessions and competitions for undergraduates, postgraduates, nurses and specialists to promote good exchange of knowledge. We also hope to spend time with each other to strengthen our bonds of friendship and plan future endeavors.

The conference venue will be at "St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences", Sarjapur road, Bangalore- 560034. Further information will be forthcoming. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

For more information visit : emkarnataka2019.in

For online registration : Click here...

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