BSc. Renal Dialysis Technology (RDT)

Career Options
Duties & Responsibilities:

After completing a BSc in Anesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology, you can pursue a variety of career options in the field of healthcare.

Patient Care:-

• Handing over of the patients as well as machines along with night reports.
• Taking over the assignment from the respective staff and make the unit neat & tidy.
• TPC to take over machines along with the patients.
• Make the patient comfortable TPC staff start the dialysis according to the procedure and take care of the patient throughout the dialysis.
• Monitor BP & general condition of the patient during dialysis every half an hour.
• Make sure the patient had effective & efficient dialysis.
• Check whether the patient paid the bill before starting dialysis and note the receipt number in the dialysis record.
• After dialysis reuse the dialyzer & keep it in the respective racks.
• Disinfect & rinse the machine accordingly.
• Complete the chart & recording to be done promptly.
• Keep the bed, machine, dressing trolley ready for the next patient.
• Waste management should be done according to the hospital rule.
• Follow aseptic technique when you are inside the dialysis unit .
• Keep the unit always clean & tidy.

Administrative Responsibilities (under the supervision of staff dialysis technologist) :-

• Able to understand dialysis prescription of the Nnephrologists and implement the same.
• Prepare the dialysis machine for dialysis and should be able to trouble shoot minor problems.
• Prime the extra corporeal circuit
• Monitor patients on dialysis and should be able to manage any emergencies.
• Terminate dialysis.
• Provide proper maintenance to the dialysis machines according to the protocol.
• Reuse Dialyser.
• Basic management of water treatment plant.
• Patient record maintenance.
• Keep the unit always clean & tidy.

Required job skills:-

• Ability to technologically manage haemodialysis treatment of a patient in accordance with established hospital standards.
• Initiate dialysis with all types of vascular access (temporary catheter, Perm Catheter, AV fistula, AV graft).
• Ability to perform HD, SLED, CRRT, Plasmapheresis and acute intensive dialysis.
• Ability to implement newer or modified techniques.
• Ability to do dialyser reuse (manual and automated).
• Able to practice universal precautions.
• Inter – personal relationship & communication skills.

From 2019 batch, interns are posted in different areas like, hemodialysis unit, peritoneal dialysis unit , ICU, Nephrology procedure room , emergency department and with transplant coordinator .


• Will observe and learn various procedures related to central line, Foleys catheter insertion, suturing, IV lines and to perform ECG.
• Can assist in Basic Life Support activities (BLS)
• Assist the Nephrology PGs in evaluation, diagnosis of the renal illness, planning & execution of the urgent dialysis order including learn about hemodialysis & vascular success placement.
• Will get exposure to interact and deal with all kinds of patients.


• Will involve in doing dialysis for pediatric patients along with adult patients.
• Any complication for any patient also to be entered separately with different colored pen in logbook.
• Plasmapheresis details to be entered in the logbook maintained.


• To learn special procedures such as CRRT, hemoperfusion, Plasmapheresis etc to be mentioned in detail.


• To assist kidney biopsy and temporary & tunneled HD catheter insertion procedure.
• To perform CAPD procedure and dressing, transfer set changing and APD Machine settings.


• Assist transplant coordinator in psycho-social assessments and legal procedures related to transplantation.
• Will get the idea of basic counselling of patients for renal transplant.
• Get chance to visit the Health Secretariat for Renal Transplant document verification.

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