General Information

Facilities in the Campus
Utility Complex: canteen, grocery, opticals etc.
Post Office
Internet facility
STD booth / Xerox / Fax / Lamination
Parking Areas
Pauline Media and Publications
Accommodation facility (ANNEXE / VIHARA)
VIHARA provides accommodation for patients and their relatives. Tariff is Rs. 75 per person per day. Cot is provided. Linen should be arranged by the patients. Common bathroom / toilet facility available. Contact reception counter at VIHARA for further details.

Please Avoid
Smoking / Drinking / Spitting
Loud talking
Extra attenders, Sleeping in the hospital corridoors
Bringing tender coconuts
Giving money to somebody other than at the cash counters
Visitors having food in wards / varandhas

Kindly Note
Hospital is not responsible for your belonging and valuables. Please contact Security Office no. 48 for details.
Make sure that your mobile number is updated for sms about lab report, appointment confirmation etc.
Please cooperate with us to keep the hospital premises clean.

Suggestion Boxes
We value your suggestions and recommendations. There are suggestion boxes placed near Information Counter, Pharmacy, MRD, OPD entrance & Lab. Feedback forms are available at the Information Counter. Please make use of them.

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