St John's Medical College Hospital

Dr. Ganesha
Designation : Senior Consultant & HOD

MBBS, MD, DM (Med.Onco)

Europian Society of Medical Oncology
Bangalore Oncology Group
Association of Gynaec Oncology, India (KSC)

  Authors: (Sandeep Muzumder, Nirmala Srikantia, Ganesha Dev Vashista, Avinash H, Udayashankar, John Michael Raj, M G John Sebastian and Prashanth Bhat Kainthaje.) Title: Compliance, toxicity and efficacy in weekly versus 3-weekly Cisplatin concurrent Chemo radiation in locally advanced head and neck cancer. (Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice. First published online: 4 September 2018)

  Authors: (Kiran pura krishnamurthy , D V Ganesha, Girsh Badarkhe , Diganta Hazarika, Radheshyam naik) Title ( Efficacy of plerixafor for peripheral stem celll mobilisation in autologous transplantation: A single centre study ) Journal: Journal of Cancer Therapy 2020 Month August 18th 2020 (Scientific Research Publishing).

Authors ( D V Ganesha, Radheshyam Naik, Suhail Sayyed Mufti, Hrishi Varayathu) Title: ( Molecular Therapeutics of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and challenges in repeat tissue Biopsy) Journal : Advance in lung Cancer, 2021 Month August 4th 202.

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