Advanced Communication Skills Workshop for UGs

For: Language and Communication Skill Development, Personality and Professional Development, Employability Skill Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Dr. Ishwar Bhat

The importance of communication skills in the practice of medicine has long been recognised as one of the cornerstones of successful patient outcomes. Despite this, formal training in communication is not part of the formal MBBS curriculum and is part of the “hidden curriculum” with the assumption that the students will learn “on the go” in their clinical postings. It is only now that the MCI/NMC recognised this lacuna and introduce formal training in communication as AETCOM modules in the new Competency Based Curriculum(CBME). The need for the training in such soft skills for medical graduates was recognised long before the introduction of CBME by Medical education Department of SJMC. The MBBS students in St Johns undergo two workshops – A Basic Communication Skills Workshop(BCSW) and an Advanced Communication Skills Workshop(ACSW). The basic workshop takes place for 3rd term MBBS students just before they start the clinical postings and deals with basic verbal and non verbal skills required for effective patient communication. The advanced workshop is for 6th term students and deals with communication in difficult situations like dealing with angry patient, taking sexual history, communicating with elderly and with children.

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