Reflective Narratives and Building Empathy Workshops

For: Soft Skill Development, Language and Communication Skill Development, Human Value Development, Personality and Professional Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Dr ManjulikaVaz

This is a series of sessions with students on building introspection and processing their observations and thoughts through writing and other forms of articulation. Guest faculties were Dr Kavery Nambisan, an alumnus of St John’s and a world-renowned author and Vijay Nambisan a poet. These sessions have encouraged students to write and two thematic anthologies – Bench to Bedside (2017) with 20 pieces with accompanied artwork and Beyond Cure (2018) with 14 pieces and accompanied artwork. Book reading and discussions are also held, now through the Student club Quilosophical run under the Health and Humanities Division. In 2017 an annual prize for reflective narratives has been formulated. Dr Radha Ramaswamy brought in theatre of the oppressed techniques in a workshop titled “Theatre for Change” A student enrichment programme on “Chaltahai attitude among students” was held in 2015 with Dr Revathi Ram from the US.

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