Simulation Lab Workshops

For: Analytical Skill Development, Personality and Professional Development, Employability Skill Development
Year of Implementation
Faculty in Charge
Dr. Nachiket, Dr. Soumya

St. John’s Medical College, a premier institution well known for its excellence in medical education, strives to produce competent medical graduates who are compassionate and ethical. In its endeavour to continue this proud tradition amidst rapid societal and technological changes, the institution has set up an 1800 square foot state-of-the-art clinical skills and simulation centre. The construction of this centre was made possible by generous financial contributions by alumni and well-wishers of St. John’s. The centre is in the ground floor of the Robert Koch wing of the medical college adjacent to the Cardinal Gracias Hall, a well-known landmark amongst those who studied in St. John’s. Its vision is to be a centre of excellence for clinical skills and medical simulation training, with a goal of providing competent and compassionate patient care. Since its inauguration in 2018, numerous training sessions have been conducted for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Additionally, a number of faculty development workshops have been organized.    

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